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By ARTTRA Grass, Oct 25 2017 07:04PM

When large schemes are launched, it is important that they are launched in a way that leaves a good impression and makes a large impact. This stands very true for the OFO Bike launch in London.

London is always in the eye of the media and this means that any new initiative will certainly grab the attention of many people. The latest initiative where OFO bikes have been released into London to run alongside the likes of the “Boris Bikes” is one that needs to grab the attention of local residents who can take advantage of these bikes. These bikes have been set up in a slightly different way to the “Boris Bikes” as they do not need to be left at a docking station making them slightly more flexible when it comes to use.

However, they still need to compete with the “Boris Bikes” and other bike initiatives in the city and so, they needed to be launched in a way that really made a point and gave residents something to think about.

There are many ways in which a launch can be done but it really is all about doing something different and this is where artificial grass can really make a difference. The launch needs to have a punch and it needs to prove just how useful these bikes really are. This is where artificial grass can leave a lasting impression because of the way in which it brings everything together.

For the launch of the OFO bikes in London, Arttragrass was asked to install artificial grass. This was a very prestigious job that require professionalism and a knowledge that ensured a good job was carried out. Installing artificial grass requires an experience and understanding that leads to an installation that can be relied upon in every single way. At Arttragrass, we are seen as installation experts and so, the installation for the OFO bikes was carried out with great attention and care and that meant that the launch of the bikes was delivered with quality and finesse.

Artificial grass provides a clean cut appearance and that means that it makes everything look so much better. In this instance, the bikes had to be the centre of attention and the artificial grass certainly helped to achieve that. What artificial grass brings is a real injection of colour and a look that mimics real turf. However, it could be used for as long as required without any concerns of it becoming worn or tired looking and that is always a bonus.

The installation is thorough and involves ensuring that all measurements are met so that the grass is fitted in place perfectly without the need for any major adjustments. This kind of reliability is exactly why Arttragrass was asked to carry out the installation. An installation that is efficient, of high quality and able to withstand heavy use can help to really make an impact when it comes to launching initiative such as the OFO Bikes.

If you an event manager, planner or an organiser and want ARTTRAGrass to wow your guest with our synthetic grass then by all means contact us at your convenience.

By ARTTRA Grass, Oct 20 2017 09:03AM

In the UK, we are bless with many things but our weather is not one of them. It is one of the most unreliable things about living in this country but when it comes to organising an event we know we have to deal with it.

In other hot countries, we often see how outdoor parties are held on sprawling lawns with spectacular views all of which is made possible unlike the london weather. In the UK, when it comes to arranging events we have now had to find alternative ways in which we can beat the weather and still have a great time.

This means that more and more events are being held indoors. It is shame but all is not lost. For those events that require an outdoor feel such as a garden or forest themed event it may seem difficult. After all, how can you replicate the true outdoors inside a building? It is a valid question but one that can be answered easily. That answer is Artificial Grass.

Unlike artificial grass of years gone by, it is now made so well that it is often difficult to tell the difference between real grass and artificial grass. This is great news for event planners who want a garden or forest themed event. As good as grass can be, the option to hire artificial grass will be the best decision you make because it can be designed to fit any shape and size it means that it will work in any venue. From the smallest of rooms to the largest of halls, it really can transform a room so quickly that before you know it, you have a garden inside. You may be arranging a wedding or a lavish forest themed birthday party, whatever your requirements, artificial grass really does make the difference.

It does not matter what time of year the event is held, whether that is winter or summer because artificial grass will look good no matter what. Even if it is laid in the summer and the weather is great outside, you will still appreciate the fact that you have a lawn inside. This is because it will continue to look good during the event and there is no chance of being caught in a shower. It works extremely well with forest themed parties because it brings all of the other props together to create a magical and almost real feeling and that is what makes artificial grass so great.

The best option for anyone who is considering arranging such an event is to hire their artificial grass. This is because it will come pre-measured and can be laid by our expert team in no time at all. Any issues can be dealt with instantly and we can guarantee that it will look great. Once the event has ended, the artificial grass can be removed quickly and taken away.

This means that you can spend time congratulating yourself on just how good your event was because after all, you spent a lot of time organising it!

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