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By ARTTRA Grass, Oct 20 2017 09:03AM

In the UK, we are bless with many things but our weather is not one of them. It is one of the most unreliable things about living in this country but when it comes to organising an event we know we have to deal with it.

In other hot countries, we often see how outdoor parties are held on sprawling lawns with spectacular views all of which is made possible unlike the london weather. In the UK, when it comes to arranging events we have now had to find alternative ways in which we can beat the weather and still have a great time.

This means that more and more events are being held indoors. It is shame but all is not lost. For those events that require an outdoor feel such as a garden or forest themed event it may seem difficult. After all, how can you replicate the true outdoors inside a building? It is a valid question but one that can be answered easily. That answer is Artificial Grass.

Unlike artificial grass of years gone by, it is now made so well that it is often difficult to tell the difference between real grass and artificial grass. This is great news for event planners who want a garden or forest themed event. As good as grass can be, the option to hire artificial grass will be the best decision you make because it can be designed to fit any shape and size it means that it will work in any venue. From the smallest of rooms to the largest of halls, it really can transform a room so quickly that before you know it, you have a garden inside. You may be arranging a wedding or a lavish forest themed birthday party, whatever your requirements, artificial grass really does make the difference.

It does not matter what time of year the event is held, whether that is winter or summer because artificial grass will look good no matter what. Even if it is laid in the summer and the weather is great outside, you will still appreciate the fact that you have a lawn inside. This is because it will continue to look good during the event and there is no chance of being caught in a shower. It works extremely well with forest themed parties because it brings all of the other props together to create a magical and almost real feeling and that is what makes artificial grass so great.

The best option for anyone who is considering arranging such an event is to hire their artificial grass. This is because it will come pre-measured and can be laid by our expert team in no time at all. Any issues can be dealt with instantly and we can guarantee that it will look great. Once the event has ended, the artificial grass can be removed quickly and taken away.

This means that you can spend time congratulating yourself on just how good your event was because after all, you spent a lot of time organising it!

By ARTTRA Grass, Nov 22 2016 06:54PM

We all want the simple life, who wants to make life any more complicated than it already is? We rush around, we eat on the go, we spend less time with families and we are constantly tired and so, sometimes, choosing the easy option makes perfect sense.

For any event that is taking place in London, it is the sole responsibility of the event organiser to get everything right and that includes sticking to the budget. In the world that we live in, budgets are of great importance as businesses and individuals no longer have the money that they once had. This means that clever, shrewd decisions can help them to save money in the long-term.

Any event that requires artificial grass will benefit from all that it has to offer and so it is completely understandable why it is chosen above many other types of flooring. However, many venues opt to purchase artificial grass that they can then possibly use again and again. This is of course a risk, because investing in artificial grass in the hope that it is used again is one that could fall flat on its face. This is because it may never be required again and so it will just sit in storage, gathering dust. To add to this, the grass may need to be used in several shapes and of course, once it is shaped in a certain way, it has a limitation on how it can then be used before eventually being made redundant.

To add to this, owning the grass yourself means that you are solely in charge of it. Any problems are down to you and this involves the condition of the grass as well as the installation. Both of which can cause real problems when hosting an event.

Instead of opting to purchase artificial grass, why not benefit from hiring it for any event or use in London?

When you choose to hire artificial grass you will benefit from the service that is provided by the company supplying the artificial grass. It will be a simple case of them measuring up and then sourcing the grass to meet your requirements. When the day comes, it will be delivered to the venue and then installed by the artificial grass installers. This will guarantee that the grass is of the highest standards and installed perfectly with no ripples in the grass or exposed edges. Should there be any problems or imperfections in the grass it can then be dealt with by the artificial grass company.

It essentially leaves the event organiser with more time to spend on other aspects of the event and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Then once the event is finished, it is not down to the organiser to remove the grass, the installation company will simply come and remove it with no fuss.

This helps the event to start smoothly and end smoothly with not problems in the between. Hiring artificial grass makes perfect sense.

By ARTTRA Grass, Dec 10 2015 06:18PM

This is not an unusual question for suppliers and installers in the artificial grass industry. Most people have their suspicions when it comes to things that they are not used to, especially when it is a product that has been taking the UK by storm in that last few years and a lot of homeowners in London are turning to artificial grass as an aesthetically pleasing and convenient alternative to real grass.

Sustainability of the fake lawn meaning that it being unchanging, permanent and productive so the answer to the question is yes. Now this may seem a strange answer to some readers and this is why. First of all there are a few things that you may want to know about artificial turf. It is made of Polyethylene, Nylon or Polypropylene and that make up the blades of the grass.

The manufacturing process of the yarns make the blades feel and act very similar to natural grass. It is made with the same tufting techniques as used in manufacturing carpets. For the backing which is usually black in colour, jute, plastic or polyester are used and there are tiny holes set at about 10cm apart to allow rain water to drain through the turf.

So to ellaborate on the subject in question I have broken down the 3 main points to further explain it:

Does artificial grass change in the way it looks over time?

Well, to an extent the artificial grass will not change in colour due to weather conditions, grow in length nor will it have any muddy patches caused by excessive use but as with everything in life it has a life span where it will look its best. Artificial grass maintenance is vital if you want your lawn to stay in optimum condition.

Is artificial grass Permanent or is it temporary?

Pertaining to it being permanent, it will depend on the installation as it can be used for some many projects. For landscaping, interior design or for bespoke projects. If it is being used as a replacement for example a biological lawn in ones garden, school play area or sport pitch then the installation will be made permanently. This can last up to 10 years depending on many factors. It can also be used for temporary indoor events, VIP entrance runners, runway for modelling, themed parties, exhibitions, wedding receptions, sports, tv or film productions.

Is artificial grass productive?

Artificial grass is productive as it yields positive results. When used to replace ones existing lawns the results you get and the reaction is very positive. We hire artificial grass and install it for many corporate and commercial events where marketing companies get creative. Top brands are now using Arttra Grass for events to promote their products and this is becoming a trend for a lot of Event and Marketing Companies in London.

So in a nutshell the main point is that if you are contemplating on using arttraturf aka astroturf whether it being for a permanent residential landscaping project, a temporary fit for a corporate event, a film production company creating a scene where real grass is required or even for shooting a commercial video, artificial grass is the right product for you in terms of sustainability.

By ARTTRA Grass, May 21 2015 10:19PM

Artificial grass is not just for permanent use in gardens but it also has the capability and potential to be used temporarily. It is becoming more common for people to use artificial grass in London especially at events because it brings with it a level of creativity and convenience. It has many advantages but it can make a large impact with those attending. It can be used for themed parties or for outside events where real turf could become wet and muddy. In recent times, art galleries in London are urging artists to use synthetic turf as an alternative to real grass for their events.

Ranging from weddings to corporate events and exhibitions, artificial grass rentals is fast becoming the most popular choice for many reasons.

Whilst real grass can be comfortable and pleasing on the eye it does have it problems. Temporary artificial grass is extremely durable and it will put up with heavy use with no problems, whereas real turf will become muddy, worn and look generally untidy. For sports events, artificial grass looks smart and clean and it is extremely manageable, in fact it is perfect for many different sporting events. Once it is laid, it will remain in place and will remain looking good for the duration of the event. And if you love enjoying the smell of real grass then you can now buy grass scented spray online to use on your fake lawns to give it that natural grass scent.

Regardless of whether artificial grass is rented or bought it could not be easier to use as it is simple to install and requires very little maintenance. It is made of tough, durable materials which makes it look completely realistic and does not require the care and attention that real turf needs. There will be no holes, dents, scuffs or divots which makes artificial grass a far safer than real turf. There is no need for mowing and it keeps its lush colour meaning it looks good all year round. So you can now rent artifical grass in London for your event, wedding or street festivals at low prices.

Giving an event or party that something different can be difficult but artificial grass is something that many people would never have seen before, ensuring that you hit them with the wow factor! It can instantly become the eye-catching centrepiece that enhances a display. A kids party can be made to look like it is set out doors or a wedding can be trouble free, it is unusual to see real looking grass in these areas which is why artificial grass offers a certain quirkiness but it creates memories and puts a real focus on the event.

Some products need to be displayed in the right way and those products that need turf will benefit from that outdoor feel. In many instances this is not always a feasible option but hiring artificial grass opens doors for new and exciting things meaning that suddenly an indoor area can be transformed to look like an outdoor display. Quick, simple and effective- that is exactly what artificial grass is all about.

Artificial grass rentals are unique and it comes with a huge range of benefits, meeting all of your needs. Your event, party or display will stand out from the rest.

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