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By ARTTRA Grass, Nov 11 2019 11:10AM

Throughout the years, TV commercials have evolved and they have now taken on an identity that puts them in the spotlight. The competition for the best Christmas advert is a great example of this but it proves just how much people can actually become immersed in an advert.

This is great news for advertisers and businesses because it means that their adverts are getting some serious publicity and that is great for business but it is not just about the product.

The setting of an advert, the characters, music, the storyline, the punchline and anything else that makes an advert an advert are all equally important. This is because they create an image and a story that remains with the viewer.

Us humans, we are stimulated by visuals, whether that is an image or a video and that in itself makes it very important that advertisers get it right. Some adverts these days cost a lot of money to produce and that does include using the best materials and props for the sets.

This is where artificial grass can really enhance the popularity of a TV commercial and this in turn will enhance the likeability of a product.

Any producer or director will want to get everything spot on and when it comes to choosing artificial grass they will need to consider where they want to use it, how they want to use it and how long they wish to use it for. They may also want to consider whether they have plans to use it again.

Artificial grass comes in many forms and this makes it clear as to why it is important that you know exactly what you want. Firstly, the quality can differ from one brand to the next and that can make a huge difference to the way it looks. Then there is the depth of the pile which is where it is simple to identify the cheaper types of artificial grass from the more expensive. The thicker the pile, the more luxurious and real looking it becomes and this can determine how it is used. If a TV commercial involved a tennis match for example then it will more than likely require a thinner, less-expensive option, whereas a commercial that involves a garden at the height of summer, the lawn will have to look lush and thick. This will mean that a thicker pile will be required.

Another consideration is the colour of the artificial grass. While the most common colour is green, it can be manufactured in a number of different colours and this means that it is extremely versatile. A wide range of colours means that it can be used effectively anywhere.

For those who create TV commercials, it is important to remember that there is a wide range of artificial grass available but the grass that they choose will be determined by their requirements.

By ARTTRA Grass, Sep 1 2015 09:26PM

When it comes to all things artificial, it is often very simple to tell fake from real however, there is something artificial that is quite easy to mistake for the real thing-artificial turf.

Artificial grass is now more real looking than ever before and this has meant that it is becoming more and more popular. Whilst homeowners have really taken advantage of this because of the way in which it transforms a garden but also makes it maintenance free it is now being used in other ways and for other reasons.

Simply put, temporary artificial grass is brilliant. This is because for any duration it offers something that is completely durable and useable whilst remaining safe and maintenance free.

So what occasions could warrant the use of temporary artificial grass?

Take weddings for example, many people would love an outdoor wedding but because of the weather they would rather use artificial grass. No mud, dirt or slippery surfaces just artificial grass that remains the same for the duration of the big day.

Photo shoots often rely on the weather which means they are often unable to shoot on location, therefore, they have to bring the outdoors indoors. Temporary artificial grass will allow them to create any outdoor look and feel easily and it is easy for both the photographer and model to use.

TV and Film are opting to use artificial grass because it gives them the freedom to film more efficiently whilst also being more creative. There is no need to find the right locations because artificial grass can be temporarily installed in the studios and used as they wish.

Corporate events are beginning to use artificial grass more than ever before because event organisers appreciate what artificial grass can bring to the event. It can help to create an atmosphere and a feeling of something different but it can also enhance the purpose of the event in the first place. This could be to promote a product or even a new venture, the possibilities are endless when it comes to corporate events which is why temporary artificial grass is the perfect solution.

Throughout the UK there are many sports pitches used by amateurs and professionals but all require an element of maintenance when real turf is used it is fixed in place and cannot be removed easily. However, temporary artificial turf offers something different because a sports pitch can be put in place temporarily but can then be removed should the venue need to be used for anything else. There are many stadiums around the world that choose to use artificial grass for sport but because it is temporary it can be removed easily so that the stadium can be used for other events such as music concerts.

On the whole, temporary artificial grass should be appreciated because it offers people so much versatility and possibilities with very little fuss.

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