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By ARTTRA Grass, Jan 4 2018 08:21PM

Just like many other industries an artificial grass supplier is in an incredibly fast evolving industry. When you think about how technology changes, cars evolve and machinery becomes even more adaptable to a changing world, it is clear to see why the artificial grass industry also moves at an incredible pace.

Many think that artificial grass is something that never changes but manufacturers work tirelessly to improve their products so that they become more and more real to the touch and the way they look. People who want to install artificial grass do so because it looks so good and comes with many benefits but they also want it because it so close to the real thing. However, as good as it looks now, technology and materials are changing and this means that artificial grass is becoming even better.

For an artificial grass supplier, this means they have to source the very best in artificial grass so that they stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to offer the customers the very best in artificial grass.

Even now, artificial grass is almost as good as the real thing. The way it feels, the way it moves and the way it looks can leave many people feeling as though the industry has found the answer and the perfect product but that is not the case.

Technology is already evolving in this industry and that means that new, lighter, more durable and realistic materials are becoming readily available and customers are already asking for the latest, most technologically advanced artificial grass on the market. This comes as no surprise because it provides them with a lawn or an event that looks out of this world – that is exactly why artificial grass suppliers strive to offer more. It is not just the material that is used that is making the difference. This is because the yarn textures can feel almost real, giving people a lawn that can be used in the same way as a real lawn. Alongside this, it was often very easy to tell artificial grass from real grass simply because of the colour but all of this is changing. New colours that work seamlessly with the new materials give a life-like appearance that could fool even the most knowledgeable of gardeners – that is how much things are changing. Events can benefit from more vibrant colours, more durable flooring in the form of artificial grass but also an extra level of comfort and reality.

An artificial grass supplier have to keep ahead of the game because they have to seek, source and supply the latest products on the market. The technology is changing on a yearly basis and that means that suppliers have to constantly keep one eye on what the manufacturers are doing as well as ensuring their customer receive the service they want.

However, changing their grass range is all about providing a product that is so close to the real thing that it makes more and more people want to install artificial grass.

By ARTTRA Grass, Jan 22 2016 05:16PM

Anyone who has even the smallest amount of knowledge on artificial grass will understand that is has many uses. It can be used in a number of circumstances regardless of whether it is business or pleasure because it truly is a unique product that is adaptable in the most unbelievable ways.

We have a large amount of experience when it comes to dealing with artificial grass and we have found the very best artificial grass that comes with a huge amount of quality, making our artificial grass some of the most realistic grass currently available and they come at extremely competitive prices.

When you mention grass to people the very first thing that comes to mind is a garden or lawn. However, our artificial grass can go one better than that because we have the ability to use our artificial grass in many different ways. The thing is, many believe that artificial grass is only good for use in gardens and lawn but this not the truth because it can be fitted wherever you want it to be fitted! Whether that is in your lounge, bedroom or even in your bathroom, the possibilities are endless and that is one of the main benefits of artificial grass.

In fact, if we gave you the complete list of uses you would not believe your eyes because it is extensive and amazing!

There are no boundaries when it comes to artificial grass because there have been people who have had it fitted to the inside and outside of their vehicle and some choose to use at Christmas time in their grotto as well as Christmas concerts. For those who love their pets, they can even have it installed in their dog house or they can choose to have it fitted in their child’s nursery and it has also been known to be used on office furniture. There are no boundaries when it comes to artificial grass because anything is possible. It is a magnificent technology that completely transforms the way in which something looks giving it a calming look and a bright feel all year round.

Despite the fact that artificial grass is adaptable there is one thing to remember- it looks just like the real thing and also feels like the real thing. It comes with a whole host of advantages with no need to cut your grass or water it, meaning that maintenance is clean and at a minimum. There is no loss of colour and both pets and children love it. For those of you who suffer with the usual seasonal allergies an artificial lawn will make the world of difference. It’s fair to say that artificial grass is perfect!

So if you are looking for expert advice and a product that can meet so many requirements you have come to the right place because artificial grass is an exciting product that never ever fails to impress!

ARTTRA London Hampstead 35mm Luxury Artificial Grass
ARTTRA London Hampstead 35mm Luxury Artificial Grass
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