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By ARTTRA Grass, Aug 12 2018 07:16AM

So which of the many artificial grass suppliers in the UK was used for the PUMA Uprising event in London on Wednesday 8th August, 2018? A rooftop event which set the right feel on the 2018/19 Premier league season.

When you think of sports brands which brands come to mind? Mostly it will be Nike, Adidas, PUMA and Reeboks but not many people think of this when it comes to artificial grass brands.

Artificial Grass is a fast growing product which has many uses benefits. Most popular for gardens but originally was introduced in 1966 at the Astrodome in United States of America. Since then it has evolved and as well as gardens and football pitches it is now used by many corporate brands to promote their products. The more dramatic it looks the more attractive it is to the audience hence the black artificial grass supplied and installed by ARTTRAGrass for the PUMA future promotion.

The fake grass had to have their logo for the public to recognise the brand so we had the task of creating this in white. The quality of the synthetic lawn has to be optimum, durable but soft at the same time and we delivered. There are also many corporate events that ARTTRA Grass London have supplied and installed coloured turf, this includes a recent project where the RA royal Academy of Arts used our blue aqua outdoor carpet to create a Pleasure Beach look for the recent RA Summer Exhibition in the courtyard of Burlington house in Piccadilly, London.

Since green is the standard colour of grass, faux turf is usually green to and only specialist artificial grass companies stock these. ARTTRAGrass are the specialists and the brand that should come to mind whenever you think of green, coloured or bespoke artificial turf.

By ARTTRA Grass, May 9 2016 07:56PM

Artificial grass is all about the look and versatility. It is unique in every way and is therefore suitable for many different situations. Shop fronts, events and around the home, it is the perfect replacement for the real thing and enables the outdoors to be brought indoors.

It instantly changes the look and feel of any garden or outside space and it can turn any event or location into something that looks magnificent. Known for its durability, it is hard wearing and able to withstand heavy traffic and the harshest of weather. Installing artificial grass is something that many claim they can install and they probably aren’t lying but it is the quality of the installation that can make or break how artificial grass looks and long it lasts and that is crucial.

In the London area, clients are benefitting from top class installation experts and high standards that come with our service. Our installers are trained to an exceptional level and this is so they install artificial grass to the standard we expect. Our clients have expectations and high ones at that and this means that everything has to be right. Even the smallest of problems will not do and this is something that we stick by as well as our clients. Our clients are wide and varied and this includes carrying out work for A-list celebrities as well as footballers and this means that they need everything to be spot on. From the way that we present ourselves to the work we carry out, every aspect of our service has to be right.

Our installers have benefitted from the fact that our Director is a stickler for detail and this can only be a good thing. Offering bespoke fitting of artificial grass for roof ttop parties, indoor and outdoor events.

This means that every installers knows that they have to get things right otherwise the director will make sure that the job is done until he is satisfied and the client is satisfied. Our director has worked hard to build up a company that has an excellent reputation and a wide and varied customer base and he wants to maintain this.

To achieve this he inspects every single job to ensure that it is correct. He is even willing to get down on his hands and knees and inspect the work in his expensive suits. His mission is to check and oversee every job, even when the company expands and grows. This gives him the guarantee that installers are meeting every expectation and working to the standards of the company.

Working in this way means that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them but more importantly clients know that the service they receive will not be beaten. So, it is very easy to find an installer who is willing to install your artificial grass but how well do you know them and what reputation to they have?

When you have a director who believes that if you want a job completed to your standards then do it yourself, you can be sure that the level of work is going to be incredible.

If you have an event or project coming up and want to find out how you can also benefit from bespoke artificial grass installation by our OCD installer please click on the link above or contact us.

By ARTTRA Grass, Oct 12 2015 09:10PM

Artificial grass has become an extremely popular addition in many different ways because it is the perfect replacement for real turf.

The use of real turf requires maintenance because it has to be mowed, fed and kept looking good whether at home, at the office or even on playing fields. This maintenance is time consuming and more importantly costly, especially at a time where the government, organisations and businesses are trying to make savings.

However, artificial grass has a real purpose when it comes to sports events and this is where the initial outlay for the installation can reap the rewards for years. When it comes to sports that require the use of grass there is a lot that those who take part rely on. They rely on it to be maintained so that it is safe, which means that it has to be cut regularly, rolled and the pitches require markings. Throughout the year, especially the winter months, real grass can become unusable which means sport does not take place but when bespoke artificial grass is used it ensures that sports can be played all year round without the need for the same level of care or reliance on the weather.

For community sports clubs, the installation of artificial grass means that they can use their pitch every day of the week without any worries or concerns and this not only brings communities together but it helps to generate income which many sports clubs are so desperately in need of. This is true for football and rugby as well as many other sports.

Artificial grass is now being seen as a replacement for real grass in the professional world of sport with more and more lower league clubs opting to install it because it also helps them to work with the community throughout the week and even at the top level it is slowly being introduced, with CSKA Moscow choosing to use it and Lithuania who England face this evening. This highlights how realistic artificial grass has now become.

However, off the field of play, it makes sense for sports brands and other sponsors to hire artificial grass for their events because it enables them to create a realistic looking display that really portrays what their brand wants to achieve. There is more to artificial grass than just installing it on playing fields and in sports grounds because it is adaptable, reusable and durable. When it comes to events, the grass can simply be installed in no time at all and then removed immediately after. It is safe for customers to walk on and it requires no upkeep which is why it is perfect for all events.

In some cases where companies want to promote their brands with something more catchy they request synthetic turf specialists to create logos or crests for football clubs.

So, from the professional game to sports related events it is clear to see that bespoke artificial grass really does have many hidden talents!

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