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By ARTTRA Grass, Nov 22 2016 06:54PM

We all want the simple life, who wants to make life any more complicated than it already is? We rush around, we eat on the go, we spend less time with families and we are constantly tired and so, sometimes, choosing the easy option makes perfect sense.

For any event that is taking place in London, it is the sole responsibility of the event organiser to get everything right and that includes sticking to the budget. In the world that we live in, budgets are of great importance as businesses and individuals no longer have the money that they once had. This means that clever, shrewd decisions can help them to save money in the long-term.

Any event that requires artificial grass will benefit from all that it has to offer and so it is completely understandable why it is chosen above many other types of flooring. However, many venues opt to purchase artificial grass that they can then possibly use again and again. This is of course a risk, because investing in artificial grass in the hope that it is used again is one that could fall flat on its face. This is because it may never be required again and so it will just sit in storage, gathering dust. To add to this, the grass may need to be used in several shapes and of course, once it is shaped in a certain way, it has a limitation on how it can then be used before eventually being made redundant.

To add to this, owning the grass yourself means that you are solely in charge of it. Any problems are down to you and this involves the condition of the grass as well as the installation. Both of which can cause real problems when hosting an event.

Instead of opting to purchase artificial grass, why not benefit from hiring it for any event or use in London?

When you choose to hire artificial grass you will benefit from the service that is provided by the company supplying the artificial grass. It will be a simple case of them measuring up and then sourcing the grass to meet your requirements. When the day comes, it will be delivered to the venue and then installed by the artificial grass installers. This will guarantee that the grass is of the highest standards and installed perfectly with no ripples in the grass or exposed edges. Should there be any problems or imperfections in the grass it can then be dealt with by the artificial grass company.

It essentially leaves the event organiser with more time to spend on other aspects of the event and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Then once the event is finished, it is not down to the organiser to remove the grass, the installation company will simply come and remove it with no fuss.

This helps the event to start smoothly and end smoothly with not problems in the between. Hiring artificial grass makes perfect sense.

By ARTTRA Grass, Jul 22 2016 05:13PM

Is there anything better than spending time watching an opera perform and unfold in front of you? The thrill, the excitement, the way it gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, it just makes you appreciate life in every single way.

Wagner’s Ring Cycle is absolutely immense and is the epitome of indulgence, it is little wonder so many people decide to see it, in the flesh. The screenings of this could be seen at the Power of Power Festival at Clore Ballroom Park and of could there be a better venue?

The Clore Ballroom at the Royal Festival Hall is the ideal venue to bring people together before such a prestigious show takes place. As guests arrived and mingled, the anticipation and excitement grew to stratospheric levels. A show of this size deserves the right setting and when people have paid for their tickets they want to ensure that they have an evening that they will never forget.

This is simple to achieve in many ways. Firstly, the main even is the opera, there is no doubting this and secondly the venue brought people together. It brought people who have a passion and love for opera together and this is what made the whole event unique.

The Ballroom suite is the ideal location and to help get people in the mood for the evenings events it had to be set up in the right way. The design of the room was put together in such a way that it helped to create an atmosphere while also generating excitement and this was achieved through the use of Arttra Highgate East artificial grass. When guests entered the room they were taken by surprise at just how good the artificial grass looked and it is clear to see exactly why.

The artificial grass is a lush green that simply cannot be ignored. It really does bring a room to life and in circumstances such as this it is the ideal addition to any event.

Its hard-wearing properties make it perfect for heavy traffic and because of its durability it will not become worn in a matter of minutes like real turf would. It will remain looking just as good during and after as it did when it was first installed. Installation is quick which makes it perfect for events such as this because it gives organiser mores time to focus on other areas of the event and because it is simple to clean, staff can simply give it a wipe over with a mop.

As it is not real turf, there is no mud or dirt and this means that guests remain clean and smart for the show. Arttra artificial grass really made the difference to what was already a massive event because artificial grass should not be underestimated. Its ability to transform any room instantly from a blank canvas to a work of art should really be applauded.

So if you have your next event coming up and would like an artificial grass hire then look no further than Arttragrass where a bespoke installation service is offered with a quick turnaround.

By ARTTRA Grass, May 9 2016 07:56PM

Artificial grass is all about the look and versatility. It is unique in every way and is therefore suitable for many different situations. Shop fronts, events and around the home, it is the perfect replacement for the real thing and enables the outdoors to be brought indoors.

It instantly changes the look and feel of any garden or outside space and it can turn any event or location into something that looks magnificent. Known for its durability, it is hard wearing and able to withstand heavy traffic and the harshest of weather. Installing artificial grass is something that many claim they can install and they probably aren’t lying but it is the quality of the installation that can make or break how artificial grass looks and long it lasts and that is crucial.

In the London area, clients are benefitting from top class installation experts and high standards that come with our service. Our installers are trained to an exceptional level and this is so they install artificial grass to the standard we expect. Our clients have expectations and high ones at that and this means that everything has to be right. Even the smallest of problems will not do and this is something that we stick by as well as our clients. Our clients are wide and varied and this includes carrying out work for A-list celebrities as well as footballers and this means that they need everything to be spot on. From the way that we present ourselves to the work we carry out, every aspect of our service has to be right.

Our installers have benefitted from the fact that our Director is a stickler for detail and this can only be a good thing. Offering bespoke fitting of artificial grass for roof ttop parties, indoor and outdoor events.

This means that every installers knows that they have to get things right otherwise the director will make sure that the job is done until he is satisfied and the client is satisfied. Our director has worked hard to build up a company that has an excellent reputation and a wide and varied customer base and he wants to maintain this.

To achieve this he inspects every single job to ensure that it is correct. He is even willing to get down on his hands and knees and inspect the work in his expensive suits. His mission is to check and oversee every job, even when the company expands and grows. This gives him the guarantee that installers are meeting every expectation and working to the standards of the company.

Working in this way means that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them but more importantly clients know that the service they receive will not be beaten. So, it is very easy to find an installer who is willing to install your artificial grass but how well do you know them and what reputation to they have?

When you have a director who believes that if you want a job completed to your standards then do it yourself, you can be sure that the level of work is going to be incredible.

If you have an event or project coming up and want to find out how you can also benefit from bespoke artificial grass installation by our OCD installer please click on the link above or contact us.

By ARTTRA Grass, Jul 27 2015 08:24PM

In homes around the country more and more people are choosing to have artificial grass fitted in their gardens and they all seem to be making the right choice. There are many different styles to choose from and it is cost effective in many ways. Once laid, it can transform an area from something that may have lacked colour and a feature into something that is beautiful and unique.

However, artificial grass is now spreading its wings and reaching out further as events and now TV and film locations are choosing to use it because of its versatility.

With TV locations moving around constantly and TV companies looking for new ways in which they can add something to their shoots on set, it is no surprise that they are now beginning to use artificial grass.

Recently, Joseph Murrell, who is the Film Director of Murell productions, a Film Production Company in London, has used ARTTRA Artificial grass for a TV commercial he was working on. The TV commercial was based around a bath tub but he wanted one of the main features of the shoot to be artificial grass and this is where the London East Grass, supplied by ARTTRA grass came in use.

The main thing is that artificial grass does not have to be purchased which makes it simple for production companies to choose artificial grass hire as and when they need it. It means they do not have the cost or storage concerns of artificial grass but they benefit from its versatility when it comes to using it.

The great thing about hiring artificial grass is that it can be hired quickly and easily and laid in no time at all which means a film or TV set can be transformed in a matter of hours and quickly put back to how it was following the shoot.

It is durable and versatile which is exactly why Murrell Productions benefited from using the London East grass during the shoot. It is made of 4 different colours which makes it more authentic looking whilst also being adaptable and safe. There were no concerns about bumps and worn patches of grass, instead, they had something that remained looking superb for the duration of the shoot, with no mud and a perfectly level surface.

As more and more film production companies require the perfect outdoor feel they are turning to artificial grass more frequently, and it is clear to see why. There is no fuss, no mess and a simple installation which means they have more time to spend on what matters most to them- shooting their commercial.

Artificial grass that is supplied by ARTTRA grass is fast becoming the popular choice and there is no doubt that it will continue to increase in popularity as it saves money, comes with a whole host of benefits and more importantly gives production companies the freedom that they need. See picture of the set below.

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