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By ARTTRA Grass, Sep 30 2014 07:30PM

If you are looking only for an artificial grass contractor in London then you can be assured of quality service and luxury products. Most corporate clients in the UK and Europe expect a high standard of service and products from synthetic lawn companies who provide installation services or who rent out artificial grass for events, TV filming, exhibitions and brand promotions.

Most brand marketing or production companies in London need much more than the conventional carpet or standard flooring to attract customers, they use fake turf for exhibition floors and for film shooting especially where real lawns are required. In the winter seasons natural grass get wet and the ground gets muddy so most photographers and video production companies use artificial grass.

Using the right artificial grass supplier is vital as they have to be able to meet all the demands of the client which includes prompt delivery, being capable of supplying a large quantities if require for a very big area and the turf has to be of optimum quality for TV or video recording. There are other areas where artificial grass contractors are used, they have been used to create corporate logos, for sports surfaces which include 3g or 4g football, tennis courts, golf putting greens, bowling greens, rugby grounds, cricket pitches and even for school play areas.

Recently property developers are using artificial grass for new builds and ARTTRA has been involved in supplying and installation project for a large real estate developer in West Africa and had interest from realtors from Miami, Florida.

Event management companies use AstroTurf for events and sports clubs would most often than not used synthetic grass for occasions like their end of year parties, player of the year awards and special events. They will most like rent artificial grass for these events and pay rates of approximately £4.50 to £5.00 per square meter per day and use ARTTRA Grass' supply, deliver, install and collection service.

You must make sure that they get a decent batch of artificial grass rolls as old or overly re-used turf will not impress your guest or shoot so be aware of companies that keep re-using the same AstroTurf over and over again.

After several years of re-using these lawns they will not be appropriate to use for corporate events. Any one will be able to differentiate between a new and overly re-used artificial grass just by looking at it so do not just use any synthetic turf on the market for your special event, do your research and use a luxury brand.

Halls, Polo clubs, Golf clubs, wedding venues and even churches and cathedrals can use artificial grass for weddings. It come in many different colours so to match the colour scheme of each occasion and can be used as flooring for marquees, runner with pole and rope or as wall covering. A recent contract by ARTTRA Grass was to supply and install blue artificial grass for an office in Holborn, London.

So if you would like to promote your brand at an exhibition, market a product at a shopping mall or center, film a sports commercial, hire artificial grass for an event, a wedding planner, architect, interior designer, landscape architect, property developer or have an idea to create something and not sure what to do then continue reading on the best artificial grass website where you will get some valuable information and advise on how you can install your own in your garden or project.

Now, how would you know if you are making the right choice of contractors? It is simple! Choose a company who only use the best artificial grass in London, an affordable range of products with the right colour choices, get a free no obligation quote with free samples and next day delivery in most cases.

By ARTTRA Grass, Sep 1 2014 05:38PM

The glow of an emerald layout adds a feeling of comfort when used at demonstrations and promotional events in London. So many exhibitions across the city use fake turf to enhance the image of the event. Artificial grass can be hired, installed and removed when the event finishes.

The types of events where artificial turf can brighten up the image of the day goes on and on. To name a selection: fetes, exhibitions, demonstrations, festivals, photo shoots, football pitches and just about any sponsored event.

Here are examples of events able to benefit from artificial grass hire services and installation in London.

a. Fashion Shows. The catwalk can be a comfortable almost natural looking layer of turf in green or black for the models to showcase the show’s products.

b. Grass for shops. Furniture shops can add a layer of fake turf to surround their garden furniture wares. These enable their products to present themselves as intended rather than just sitting on wooden floors. A furniture shop can make the garden section of their office environment look unique. Window displays can be adorned with green turf to catch passers-by attention when browsing.

c. Museums. If natural history exhibits are on display such as dinosaurs or wild animals, artificial grass can be used to allow the animals to display as if in their natural habitat. The beasts of nature look part of their natural habitat if they stand on artificial turf.

d. Photo shoots. Many products being used in a photo commercial require an outdoor feel such as garden items and patios. As one example, a photography studio can prepare a scene for a commercial advertising home garden items and use fake turf for the flooring. With the necessary lighting, the studio can create the illusion of an outdoor photograph.

e. Wedding Receptions. Wedding events are ideal choices for the use of artificial turf. So many couples want to tie the knot in an outdoor setting rather than solely indoors. Many weddings use tents and pavilions where a layer of emerald green artificial grass provides an attractive and colourful addition to the environment on such a special day. If the weather proves unreliable, the guests can enter the tents and still walk on turf without soiling their footwear.

f. Parties. Whether indoors or outdoors, fake turf can add some character to a theme. For example, if the theme is a tropical setting, the turf will complement the decor along with the use of plants.

g. Green Carpet. Fake lawns can also be used as an alternative to the traditional red carpet events with a variety of different piles to suit the occasion. Arttra Grass offers sythetic lawn for green carpet events.

There exists many more diverse uses for artificial grass for events in London including movie productions. If you plan to host an event, stop for a moment and think about how a layer of grass can benefit the day. The examples above show that fake turf can add unique appeal to any event.

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