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By ARTTRA Grass, Feb 15 2018 02:12PM

Whether you are organising a big wedding or just want to use and artificial grass hire service for any event, it is important that you get the styling and design absolutely spot on. Your clients will no doubt have ideas and big demands regarding what they want and it is your job to give them what they want which means meeting their every need.

As mentioned, they will come to you with their requirements which is something you, as a wedding or an event organiser expects but you could also go to them with ideas of your own. As an event organiser this would give you credibility and an understanding of what they need and you could even come up with something that is so unique it would create an event that people would never forget.

To get it right you need to think about many different things. This can include things such as the layout, the catering, the bar, the colour scheme, tables and chairs, music and lighting and many other important aspects of an event. All of these things come together to create an event that looks impressive in many ways, in fact, it makes an event work, whether that is a wedding or another event. Each aspect has to be perfect because if it isn’t the event will fail and be deemed as a failure. Sad but true.

Therefore, you need to think of everything that you possibly can even down to the flooring that you choose. In fact, the flooring plays a huge part for a number of reasons. It can make your life easier for a start if you choose something that is versatile but it can complete the look and feel of an event because of its importance.

Of course, you have a number of options when it comes to flooring but picking the right one will give your event the lift and feel of luxury that it needs. This is where artificial grass hire comes into play. While it may seem like a completely foreign idea, it actually works and this has been proven. This is down to the fact that wherever it is used, it makes a huge difference.

It injects a comfortable and unique feel to an event but it also brings with it a feeling of life and vibrancy because of how close it looks and feels to real grass. It is unique because it can be laid anywhere and it looks mightily impressive. The fact that it is versatile means that it can be laid indoors, on walls, around bars and obviously on the floors which means dancefloors, wedding aisles and other areas can be decorated with artificial grass. It is not dirty and will not become worn looking which means that it will continue to look good through the duration of the event. Installation is quick and efficient while removing it is exactly the same.

It is no surprise that artificial grass hire is becoming even more popular, especially when it is supplied and fitted by ArttraGrass.

By ARTTRA Grass, Dec 10 2016 02:22PM

The world of advertising is one that helps businesses to generate millions of pounds each year and for many businesses this can run into the billions. Its effectiveness should not be underestimated and that can only be seen by the amount of money businesses spend during the Christmas period – particularly those that take part in the Christmas television advert competition!

Still shoots are a great way for advertisers to put across products to consumers, enabling them to envisage the product in their lives. It is a way for consumers to immerse themselves in the product and use their imagination to see just how it can benefit them.

Of course, for those who create the still shoot, it is all about using the correct setting, lighting and props because their job is to make the image look as real as possible. When you consider the needs of large businesses and organisations when it comes to advertising, then you can instantly understand why these aspects of a still shoot are so crucial. Their job is to shoot a commercial using their knowledge and expertise and this means that they need to rely on the very best props.

We have all seen the commercials on the TV. The ones that involve families around a table, in the garden or even at a restaurant, they work by creating an image in the mind of the consumer because the setting looks so real.

For many companies that deal with shoots in this way it is imperative that they invest in the right props because they will be useful in many different ways for many years. One of the best investments that they can make is in artificial grass.

Artificial grass is one of the best props that can be hired or purchased because it can be used absolutely anywhere. It can be used indoors and outdoors and in any venue. It can bring the outdoors inside and it can make the outdoors look even better during times when the weather or real grass is not suitable.

It can be purchase or rented in any size and there are a number of different colours and patterns available to meet every requirement. Whether it is a sports commercial, a pet commercial or even a family commercial, artificial grass will tick every box.

Its versatility makes it a great solution because not only can it be used as flooring but it can be used on walls helping to create a wide range of scenes. It is durable which means it can be used over and over again without wearing, tearing or becoming dirty, this also makes it possible to shoot at any time of the year.

Maintenance is simple because it only requires a clean and for those who purchase it, it can be rolled up and stored away. For those who rent it, then it is a simple case of having your artificial grass supplier to uninstall it which takes very little time at all.

Artificial grass is a great tool, a great feature and a great prop to use for still shoots and that is why it is growing in popularity at an incredible rate.

ARTTRAGrass Is Used For Sports TV Commercial In Manchester And London
ARTTRAGrass Is Used For Sports TV Commercial In Manchester And London
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