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By ARTTRA Grass, Aug 12 2018 07:16AM

So which of the many artificial grass suppliers in the UK was used for the PUMA Uprising event in London on Wednesday 8th August, 2018? A rooftop event which set the right feel on the 2018/19 Premier league season.

When you think of sports brands which brands come to mind? Mostly it will be Nike, Adidas, PUMA and Reeboks but not many people think of this when it comes to artificial grass brands.

Artificial Grass is a fast growing product which has many uses benefits. Most popular for gardens but originally was introduced in 1966 at the Astrodome in United States of America. Since then it has evolved and as well as gardens and football pitches it is now used by many corporate brands to promote their products. The more dramatic it looks the more attractive it is to the audience hence the black artificial grass supplied and installed by ARTTRAGrass for the PUMA future promotion.

The fake grass had to have their logo for the public to recognise the brand so we had the task of creating this in white. The quality of the synthetic lawn has to be optimum, durable but soft at the same time and we delivered. There are also many corporate events that ARTTRA Grass London have supplied and installed coloured turf, this includes a recent project where the RA royal Academy of Arts used our blue aqua outdoor carpet to create a Pleasure Beach look for the recent RA Summer Exhibition in the courtyard of Burlington house in Piccadilly, London.

Since green is the standard colour of grass, faux turf is usually green to and only specialist artificial grass companies stock these. ARTTRAGrass are the specialists and the brand that should come to mind whenever you think of green, coloured or bespoke artificial turf.

By ARTTRA Grass, Feb 15 2018 02:12PM

Whether you are organising a big wedding or just want to use and artificial grass hire service for any event, it is important that you get the styling and design absolutely spot on. Your clients will no doubt have ideas and big demands regarding what they want and it is your job to give them what they want which means meeting their every need.

As mentioned, they will come to you with their requirements which is something you, as a wedding or an event organiser expects but you could also go to them with ideas of your own. As an event organiser this would give you credibility and an understanding of what they need and you could even come up with something that is so unique it would create an event that people would never forget.

To get it right you need to think about many different things. This can include things such as the layout, the catering, the bar, the colour scheme, tables and chairs, music and lighting and many other important aspects of an event. All of these things come together to create an event that looks impressive in many ways, in fact, it makes an event work, whether that is a wedding or another event. Each aspect has to be perfect because if it isn’t the event will fail and be deemed as a failure. Sad but true.

Therefore, you need to think of everything that you possibly can even down to the flooring that you choose. In fact, the flooring plays a huge part for a number of reasons. It can make your life easier for a start if you choose something that is versatile but it can complete the look and feel of an event because of its importance.

Of course, you have a number of options when it comes to flooring but picking the right one will give your event the lift and feel of luxury that it needs. This is where artificial grass hire comes into play. While it may seem like a completely foreign idea, it actually works and this has been proven. This is down to the fact that wherever it is used, it makes a huge difference.

It injects a comfortable and unique feel to an event but it also brings with it a feeling of life and vibrancy because of how close it looks and feels to real grass. It is unique because it can be laid anywhere and it looks mightily impressive. The fact that it is versatile means that it can be laid indoors, on walls, around bars and obviously on the floors which means dancefloors, wedding aisles and other areas can be decorated with artificial grass. It is not dirty and will not become worn looking which means that it will continue to look good through the duration of the event. Installation is quick and efficient while removing it is exactly the same.

It is no surprise that artificial grass hire is becoming even more popular, especially when it is supplied and fitted by ArttraGrass.

By ARTTRA Grass, Jan 4 2018 08:21PM

Just like many other industries an artificial grass supplier is in an incredibly fast evolving industry. When you think about how technology changes, cars evolve and machinery becomes even more adaptable to a changing world, it is clear to see why the artificial grass industry also moves at an incredible pace.

Many think that artificial grass is something that never changes but manufacturers work tirelessly to improve their products so that they become more and more real to the touch and the way they look. People who want to install artificial grass do so because it looks so good and comes with many benefits but they also want it because it so close to the real thing. However, as good as it looks now, technology and materials are changing and this means that artificial grass is becoming even better.

For an artificial grass supplier, this means they have to source the very best in artificial grass so that they stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to offer the customers the very best in artificial grass.

Even now, artificial grass is almost as good as the real thing. The way it feels, the way it moves and the way it looks can leave many people feeling as though the industry has found the answer and the perfect product but that is not the case.

Technology is already evolving in this industry and that means that new, lighter, more durable and realistic materials are becoming readily available and customers are already asking for the latest, most technologically advanced artificial grass on the market. This comes as no surprise because it provides them with a lawn or an event that looks out of this world – that is exactly why artificial grass suppliers strive to offer more. It is not just the material that is used that is making the difference. This is because the yarn textures can feel almost real, giving people a lawn that can be used in the same way as a real lawn. Alongside this, it was often very easy to tell artificial grass from real grass simply because of the colour but all of this is changing. New colours that work seamlessly with the new materials give a life-like appearance that could fool even the most knowledgeable of gardeners – that is how much things are changing. Events can benefit from more vibrant colours, more durable flooring in the form of artificial grass but also an extra level of comfort and reality.

An artificial grass supplier have to keep ahead of the game because they have to seek, source and supply the latest products on the market. The technology is changing on a yearly basis and that means that suppliers have to constantly keep one eye on what the manufacturers are doing as well as ensuring their customer receive the service they want.

However, changing their grass range is all about providing a product that is so close to the real thing that it makes more and more people want to install artificial grass.

By ARTTRA Grass, Dec 1 2017 08:04PM

There are many reasons why you might hire artificial grass – you could be hosting a wedding, arranging a party or looking to decorate your stall at a trade show. It has the widest range of uses imaginable and that makes it a very popular choice for many.

It comes with so many benefits that it is no surprise that it is now chosen above many other options. It is flexible in the way that it can be used and it is also versatile but it has a number of properties that really make a difference such as its durability and ability to deal with heavy use. However, it has to remain safe and that is one of the most important aspects these days because everything we do revolves around safety.

Therefore, it is important that you consider the company that you choose to supply and install the grass. This is down to the fact that they will have a duty to ensure the safety of yourself and the public and that means that the grass has to adhere to fire regulations. As proof of this, an artificial grass hire company will have to have a fire safety certification.

If they fail to have a fire safety certification then they are effectively breaking the law. Therefore, you should never, ever use a company that cannot provide proof that they are in possession of a fire safety certificate because it is simply not worth the risk.

A company that can provide artificial grass for hire will be professional, approachable and honest. As a customer, this will mean that you can trust them and the service that they provide because installing artificial grass is a not just a case of laying the grass out and walking away. They have to consider safety from a number of perspectives – in particular fire.

A fire safety certificate will prove that they have the correct knowledge and understanding about the products they use and how it can remain safe in the event of a fire. While artificial grass is not completely fire proof, it can melt and smoulder should it come in contact with a flame but the way in which the grass is designed will determine the outcome. To add to this, an artificial grass company that has a fire safety certificate will also consider the underlay that is used because this could also pose a risk. This means that all the correct materials are used in order to maintain safety at every level. To add to this, they will also use the best working practices to help deliver a service that is thorough and consistent.

Fire is not something that you can mess with and it can pose an enormous risk. However, choosing the right company to install your artificial grass will ensure that safety remains a high priority. This will mean that the installation, the product and the working practices all meet the specific requirements.

By ARTTRA Grass, Oct 28 2017 09:06PM

Your garden requires a certain amount of upkeep throughout the year in order to keep it looking good. This includes cutting overgrown trees or bushes, mowing lawns, cutting hedging and dealing with weeds. A garden requires so much time throughout the year that often, moles can become a real problem.

As small and cuddly as moles look, they can seriously damage a grass lawn, in fact, they can tear it apart and that can seriously damage the look of a garden. After spending time on your lawn, having a little rodent dig it up is almost unbearable. However, artificial grass provides a solution because of the material it is made of in comparison to real turf.

Instantly, a mole will find it difficult to penetrate artificial grass although they can still cause some damage and so, it is important that you prevent them from damaging your artificial grass as much as you possibly can. If you know that you have moles before installing artificial grass, you can use pest control to try to remove them but that is not always successful as they can return. Therefore, it is important that the correct work is carried out so that moles do not stand a chance against the artificial grass installation.

For any artificial grass installation to be successful, it will need to be installed correctly from start to finish. This includes the substrate, weed control and the grass itself. The substrate is especially crucial because this is the first level of the installation that the mole will come across. If they find that the substrate forms a level of resistance, then the chances are, they will head to your next-door neighbour’s lawn and will pop up there.

The substrate that often proves to be tricky for moles is cement-stabilised sand as it will prove to be dense enough for them to be unable to penetrate. We have used a galvanised mesh on several occasions If this is successful then you can wave goodbye to your mole problem but the other elements of the installation also come into play. Of course, weeds can be a problem and so, a thick weed membrane will not only stop weeds but it will also make it difficult for moles. If they miraculously manage to get through all of those barriers, they will eventually come up against the artificial grass and that is where they really will cause problems because they will not be able penetrate that.

If they do get through to the artificial grass, they will simply make the surface look uneven as they try to break through but that is about as far as it will go. In the main, artificial grass on its own is enough to deter moles but they can still cause damage. However, adding extra levels of prevention and barriers will only make life more difficult for them. Ensuring that your lawn is protected in every way will ensure that your artificial grass lawn remains looking smooth and even.

ARTTRAGrass are specialist in installing artificial grass in mole infested areas and can give the best advice and service. See picture attached.

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