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By ARTTRA Grass, May 29 2017 03:03PM

For those people who have dogs, you will understand just how important it is to let them outside at certain times of the day so that they can use the toilet. However, over the course of the year and especially during the winter months when the garden is not in use, it is common for smells and odours that occur as a result of months of continual dogs mess to go unnoticed. This is even more prominent where artificial grass is concerned.

While you will be well aware of the importance of cleaning your artificial grass of dogs mess regularly, it can sometimes be difficult to remove the smell of urine once it has soaked into the artificial grass. Over time, the smell can become more intense to the point where it can put you off spending time in the garden.

With the summer months, fast approaching it is important to understand and tackle the issue because it is not something that can be solved immediately. Of course, you can wash your grass regularly which can take time and means you have to wash it more than those who do not have dogs but it is one way of keeping it clean but have you considered whether there is special artificial grass for dogs that is slightly different to grass that is suitable for children?

Artificial grass is a great choice when it comes to homes with children due to its cleanliness and ability to remain useable all year round but what happens if you have children and dogs or you want to install grass that is purely for dogs?

Of course, the more common artificial grass offers everything you want for children but the odours and health concerns that come with dog mess can be reduced when special artificial grass is installed for dogs.

This is a different type of grass that offers all of the aesthetic benefits that come with normal artificial grass but it offers improved drainage that helps dog urine to drain away quickly.

Artificial grass that is designed specifically for dogs incorporates different materials and methods of development so that odours and liquids are removed from the surface as quickly as possible. Special infill makes sure that odours and harmful bacteria is eliminated, immediately making the artificial grass safe and user friendly. The grass itself consists of a special backing that ensures the surface dries quickly and so, no moisture is held in the grass.

This type of grass is perfect for those homes with dogs but it also makes it possible for children to remain safer when also using it. Therefore, it is possible to have grass that is just suitable for dogs but as it is also usable, it means that children can use it as well as dogs providing it is cleaned in the correct way to remove dog mess.

For those homes that have the age old problem of dogs and children sharing the same play and toilet area, there is now a simple solution that Arttragrass can deliver to you.

By ARTTRA Grass, May 21 2017 10:35AM

We all know just how important children are to us, particularly during their early years when you want to give them as much as possible. Celebrations form a large part of the lives of children as they grow up and that remains with them forever. This is exactly why parties and celebrations have to be something special. Children go through a lot of fads and phases in their lifetime but there are some things that just work so well when it comes to parties.

Themed parties are one of the best parties you could throw for a child. They are magical, memorable and certainly help to raise excitement levels and what could be better than dozens of excited children running around? So, you are probably wondering what themed party to have but have you considered a party that includes the use of artificial grass but is also themed? Take a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed party. This is the ultimate in themed parties because of the design, the characters and the magical way in which it would allow children to be themselves and behave like children.

We all know just how unique the book was while the film took it to a whole new level but your children can experience this also. So, how do you go about organising a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed party? To begin with you need the plethora of crazy colours, then you need the characters and sweets, then you need to sort out the flooring!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was always about the whacky world in which the factory lived. The bright colours remain vivid in the memory of all who have seen it and that is why artificial grass hire is the perfect choice for a themed party.

When you decide to lay artificial grass for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed party you can be sure that the children will be blown away. They will love the colour of it and the way it enhances the look and feel of the party not to mention the fact that they can play on it without having to worry about getting dirty.

For the party organisers or the parents, hiring artificial grass will ensure that you get a surface you can rely on. It is simple to install when installed by professionals and you can be sure that it will certainly put up with children running around, dropped food and spilled drinks. It will be the party of all parties but it will continue to look good for the duration of the party and can be cleaned easily once it has finished. Anything that was spilled or dropped on the floor can be wiped and washed away and then it can be removed without leaving any kind of trace that it was there.

Artificial grass is so versatile that it is no longer just good for laying in gardens and outside areas because it is perfect for children’s parties. So, when you choose to use it, your children will love you for….in fact…you will feel like you have found the golden ticket!

Visit Green Carpet Events today if you require party theme prop hire for your next party or event styling needs.

By ARTTRA Grass, May 15 2017 07:41PM

Having an artificial lawn installed at home offers so many benefits. It completely enhances the look and feel of a garden and can make it look complete. It injects a huge amount of colour that stays all year round, regardless of the weather and you can be sure that it will stand the test of time. It is easy to look after, even after dry weather or wet weather and it requires very little maintenance. Real turf requires cutting, strimming, feeding and weeding and all of that takes time.

Artificial grass, as mentioned requires very little work and the maintenance that is required does not take long at all. Artificial grass requires a wash down every now and again and it also benefits from a good brushing but that is about it. Hardly time-consuming, however, for those with dogs there is a little more that is required but it is well worth it. If you have a dog and have an artificial lawn, you will soon realise the problem that comes with dog mess and dog urine because it can build up over time and lead to strong odours that can turn your garden into a space that is not very pleasant.

If you let your dog into the garden before it goes to bed you will be familiar with the build-up of dog mess and the stench of urine after spending weeks and months sitting on the lawn. The weather can make it difficult to get out there and pick it up regularly and this means that you need assistance to deal with the mess and the odours. Washing the artificial grass with a hose and water will go some way to making a difference but that is about as far as it goes because you will need to go that little bit further.

This is where Champdogs Urinazor and Poorifier can make the difference because it can eliminate dog mess and urine odours quickly and efficiently. If you have an artificial lawn that you want to look good and smell good then this is the product for you. It is essential to use this to remove odours completely as well as mess so that your garden remains safe, especially if you have children.

Even dog owners can find dog mess a real nuisance even when the dog goes to the toilet on artificial grass which does make it easier to identify and find dogs mess easily as opposed to long, real grass which can often hide it.

This product can work wonders and can prevent the build-up of foul smells and a dogs mess in your garden and that means that you lawn and garden can continue to look good all year round with a small amount of effort. It really does pay to look after your artificial grass for dogs especially when there are products available to deal with problems such as dog mess and urine odours.

By ARTTRA Grass, May 12 2017 07:52PM

When you consider some of the TV commercials that have made it onto the TV in recent years, you could almost say that they are like mini movies. Take the battle for the best Christmas Advert and the money spent on Cleaning product adverts every single year, the list is endless but there is no doubting that getting an advert right is big business.

If a company get the advert right then they can be sure that people will remember their brand. Whether it is a jingle that accompanies the advert, a slogan or the individual – everything has to come together to make the advert a success and a sports themed advert is no different.

Throughout the years, there have been many sports adverts and for them to work effectively, it has to mimic the real life look of the sport that is on show. Football is big business and so many people follow it on a weekly basis that it is no surprise that adverts are using the very best footballers to advertise their products. Take the current batch of Liverpool players in a skin care advert and the famous Nike airport advert but what about those adverts where the footballers are expected to perform as though they are in a real life situation on the field.

For the advert to work, the footballer being used in the advert needs to feel like they are in their environment and for a footballer that means being on a quality pitch. This will enable them to showcase their skills while looking good on camera which works for both the footballer and the director and brand.

It can prove difficult to film a football themed advert on real grass for a number of reasons. The natural lighting can prove difficult, the weather plays a huge part and the footballer is at risk of injury, not to mention the grass becoming worn looking after several takes.

This is where ArttraGrass helped to make a difference on a recent Sure deodorant advert where Eden Hazard strutted his stuff for the cameras. We were used because our grass is of a superior quality and our service is second to none. We understood just how important the grass was to both the company in question and the footballer but we can confidently say that we certainly came good. Eden Hazard looked every inch the professional on our artificial grass and we can safely say that our grass helped the advert to succeed because it looked good for the duration of the shoot. It was perfectly smooth, it was vibrant in colour and it made the job a lot easier. It was professionally installed and this ensured that there were no problems.

ArttraGrass worked on another project and we came good but not as good as Eden Hazard looked when he was showing just why he is one of the most exciting players on the planet.

By ARTTRA Grass, May 3 2017 08:17PM

If you are considering adding a different look or feel to your garden and home then there are many things that you can do. Add new plants and furniture or even paint the fence but what about installing artificial in a different way?

Your garden may have a large patio that means that it has very little colour or character or you may have a small patio in a small garden that leaves you with very few options. Whatever, your situation, it is possible to use artificial grass in a way that will leave your neighbours feeling envious. It is good to be different because that is what life is all about and why should your garden miss out on having a unique look and feel to it?

Your patio may have colourless slabs or it could be laid with slate but you may still feel that something is missing and this is where it is possible to use artificial grass to your benefit.

Have you ever looked at the joins in between your patio slabs and thought that they look pretty boring with the grey mortar and the odd weed sprouting through here and there? This can seriously affect the look of your patio but this can now be altered to the point where it will inject so much colour to your lawn you will wonder why you did not do it sooner!

ArttraGrass are pleased to offer a service that is completely unique because we can now provide you with a solution that removes the conventional grout from your patio and replaces with it with artificial grass. That’s right artificial grass laid between your patio slabs. This idea may sound crazy but in actual fact, it works so well, that more and more people are choosing to have it installed.

First of all, it injects colour and that is something we all love to have in our garden. So it instantly transforms lifeless patios into areas where people want to spend time but the benefits do not stop there. 10cm strips of artificial grass are secured using artificial grass adhesive and this can help to blend your lawn with your patio, making it appear as though your patio has been laid on your lawn. This can provide your garden with an improved flow and can make the space appear bigger. It will also help to stop weeds from growing in between the slabs which is a real annoyance for garden owners.

The process is time-consuming and difficult because the artificial grass has to be installed correctly and securely. Therefore, if you are considering having artificial grass laid in between your patio slabs then you should get in touch with ArttraGrass because we are the professionals with the right level of experience. This will ensure that the end product looks impressive and will certainly make you realise that you have made the right decision.

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