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We were involved in making the mini football pitch which was showcased in the atrium of London Westfield Shopping Mall in April of 2014. This was an event to promote the Samsungs Galaxy G11 in aid of the World Cup 2014 which took place in Brazil.

This project involved the creation of a mini pitch with a 'D' shape surround, a logo and two large spider webs which would be interjoined with white lines made out of synthetic turf. On a short notice to a very tight deadline and under pressure due to the arrival of one of England's best football strikers to kick about on this pitch, the installation team created the pitch and completed the project within 4 working days. So what was involved?


Making the Football Pitch

This was all hand made and cut with a stanley knife. No machine was used and we cut it to the very last millimeter. Precision was vital as the pitch was measured to fit the plan of the flooring. The installation was applied to a MDF surface so nailing and taping was required. The turf was transported in bits and had to be assembled and jointed with a specialist artificial grass adhesive.


Making up the Lines

This is where the use of the short-piled white artificial grass was required. The snow white fake turf was cut to a 100mm width and rolled along the edges of the pitch. It was cut at the full length of the full grass roll which comes at about 25 meter and widths of 2 or 4 meters. The tricky bits were the arches in the penalty box area where skill and care was taken to achieve the perfect fit. Additional lines were made to link the the webs together.


Scaling and Cutting out the Hand-Made Logo

Most logo designed by synthetic turf manufacturing companies would usually intergrate this process during production. They use computer aided design technology (also known as CAD) and scale it to the desired measurement and size. This process of mixing the yarns of the green grass with the client's logo or brand's colours is called 'tufting' and there are not many companies in the UK that can do this. However ARTTRA Grass can use this method on large projects.


Creating the Spider Web

This was a huge task and was the most challenging of it all. The reason for this was that the hexagonal design had internal triangles pointing to the center. So what made it so tricky? It was the direction of the pile of the Astroturf. Artificial lawns are made of yarns that mimic the way real grass grows and the pile of fake turf turn to flow in one direction. Just as carpet when being joined has to match a certain pattern, so does artificial turf. A lot of grass was wasted due to the size of the design and the consistency of the pile direction was vital.


The Results

The bespoke project which required including a hand-made logo design was a great success. This was due to the hardwork, experience, diligence of our very good friend and artificial grass installer and the rest of the installation team.

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