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Most enquiries we get from customers are ' How much does it cost to install Artificial Grass? '

Well, when you are measuring the area to be covered with your newly bought artifical grass please make sure that you are aware that the widest width of the synthetic lawn roll is 4 meters.

The Astroturf is also available in 2 meters widths and up to 25 meters per roll. On rare occasions, you can get rolls of 30 meters in length.


This isn't exactly the typical fake grass calculator below but it will explain it in a bit more detail;


An example of a simple rectangular garden that measures 4m wide by 6m long will be a total of 24 meter square.

First, simply choose the grass your desire. There is a range of quality and luxurious artificial turf from the London and the Arttra collection on this website. A Sample pack may be required if you would like to feel the grass yarn, see the thatch layer or even the spacing of the drainage holes.


To simplify the ARTTRA Grass prices, average cost of installation is £50 per square meter depending of the complexity of the project and grass you choose. This UK wide comprehensive installation service includes free delivery, labour, foundation - aggregates and sharp sand or shock pad underlay (where required), timbers, some waste disposal, weed suppressing membrane and workmanship. In the case of requirement of a skip for the disposal of hardcore of excess waste, the customer will be required to pay a little extra to rent this. For example, a typical rental of a skip to accomodate the removal of sod and debris for a garden this size in the london area will start from approximately £180 for 7 days whereas a skip hire for the Bedford area is about £100. This price is based on the skip being kept on a private land and may vary with different companies. Permit prices from local councils vary and will be required if you keep the skip on a public road. (For more info on skips, please contact us and we would be pleased to assist and advice you)


So a typical installation of a 24 square meter garden will be £50 x 24 sqm = £1200.00


The second example is if the garden is not as straight forward and/or wider than 4 meters. So let us use an example of a residential garden of 10 meters width by 5 meters in length.

You will then require a roll of 4m wide x 10m length (which will be cut equally into 2 pieces) and 2m width x 5m length. You will also need 10m synthetic turf jointing tape and 4 artificial grass adhesive tubes ( a 310ml tube covers approx. 3 linear meters) or a 5.5kg tub. Please bear in mind that the pile direction of the two joining turf pieces should have their pile facing the same direction.


If you require professional advice before you purchase or are uncertian about what to order, then by all means please contact us with your measurements and we shall advice you on the right sizes to order.


You may also download the 'How to install artificial grass' guide if you are confident enough to do the task.


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